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Lash Bash Gold Coast 2018 - Day 1

Hey Guys,

So it has almost been a month since Lash Bash and I am still processing the information that I gained.

Lash Bash is the love child of 3 of the most sought after Eyelash Extensions Trainers, Julia Mann from Lash Tribe, Mimmi Ebbersten from Lashia and Mandy Jeffery from “Australian Lash and Brow Artists”. It was developed for the love of lashing and to bring together the finest artists and business minds Australia has to offer. It was such a an informative 2 day lash conference that covered many different aspects of the lash industry with fantastic speakers from all of Australia and the World. The day was MCed by Otto Mitter from Elleebana.

There was Julia Mann the creator of Lash Tribe world renowned lash training company explaining the advantages to video marketing. The lovely Mandy Jeffery the owner of Australian Lash & Brow Artists sharing her knowledge of customer service from her 20 years in the beauty industry. The beautiful Mimmi Ebbersten founder of Lashia Sweden and Australia talking about how to find your ideal client.

Kei Kim from Beautier International informing us about the manufacturing of eyelash extensions, what it actually takes to create the curls and lengths.

The amazing Pixie Ambler, Pixie is one of Australia’s most sought after lash artists, mentors and director of Pixie Lash Artistry salon in Western Australia. She is also a 18 times award winning lash artist. Pixie shared her knowledge about how to win lash competitions.

The fabulous Kimberly Haworth the founder of Lash Vision Global, Lash Vision Academy and all round amazingly talented lash artist speaking about conquering your road blocks.

Geoff Crichton the managing director of Lashiamegastore Australia who is also Mimmi's husband, speaking about the how we all need a support system. Be it friends, family, colleagues or business partners, we all need a support system of some kind to help us achieve our dreams. Brent Derepas from Alchemy Suit, a volume lash specialist informing us on how best to master our time. Summer Deaves owner of LPL Studio – Lash Studio, Education Academy & Mentoring, speaking about how to create a killer instagram helping you to grow and build you business.

Last but not least Loreta Jasilionyte from Flawless Lashes By Loreta, travelled all the way from the UK to speak to us about what it takes to expand and grow your business.

To end the days events Mimmi and Kei ran Lash Games, it was a quiz about lashes and people in the lash industry. It was a great way to end the days events and I came second in the lash games!

The day as you can tell from the amazing speakers was filled with so much information, so much knowledge and love for the industry. It was just the best experience being in a room with people from far and wide to talk about this industry that I love so much.

Keep an eye out in the next week or so for my day 2 blog.

Bille xx

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