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Lash Bash Gold Coast 2018 - Day 2

Hey Guys,

Bille here again to follow on from my previous blog, I want to tell you all about day two at Lash Bash.

Day two consisted of small group training with approximately fifteen people in each class. There were seven classes available to choose from. Each attendee was able to choose two classes to attend.

The class options were, Rocking Volume with Loreta, Mega Volume with Julia, creating a fantasy shoot with pixie, mastering your henna with Mel and Mandy, Technique troubleshoot with Mimmi, Level up - What they didn't teach you in training with Sommer and Kim and the customer X factor with The Mitters.

Trying to just choose two of the courses that were up for grabs was a difficult thing to decide. I went with Rocking Volume with Loreta and the customer X factor with The Mitters.

In the morning I started with Rocking Volume with Loreta, she went through a specific volume lash technique using Dumont tweezers to create fans. She also covered several other volume related issues. It was such a fabulous experience being taught by Loreta and the having opportunity to ask her all sorts of lash questions. She is such an inspiration in the lash world.

In between the sessions there was a fantastic lunch supplied and it gave us yet more time to network and meet more of the beautiful people attending the conference. The market place from the previous day was also up and running allowing for shopping. Ha-ha.

After lunch it was time for the customer X factor with the Mitters,. Upon arrival we were offered herbal tea in a variety of flavours. Throughout the presentation the Mitters (Otto and Zoe) with the help of the lovely ladies that work with them at Elleebana pampered us to show us how small things can make the difference in making your client feel amazing. We were treated to pieces of slice; a hand massage and the girls were very attentive. It was only small things but the honestly made all the difference. They covered so many different areas of customer service, from the kinds of clients you will come across to how to deal with different circumstances. It was such a well-rounded, interactive and informative presentation.

After the final class, all the attendees with Diamond tickets and the speakers and sponsors had a private dinner at The Garden Kitchen & Bar at The Star Casino.

It was a fantastic networking opportunity and just a great opportunity to be able to meet other lash artists.

In summery Lash Bash was such a fantastic experience and I am so glad I was able to take part in it this year. I hope to make it an annual trip.

Bille xx

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